20 Million Dollar Was Spent On The Protection Of Zuckerberg Last Year

The year 2018 was indeed a very tough year for Facebook from all respects. The company had spent the whole year reeling from the scandal of Cambridge Analytica. Plus there was a bubbling-up of anger from the general public. People had a lot of animosity towards the founder of this organization. Facebook had to deal with this issue as well. Zuckerberg was provided with a lot of cash towards full security for himself and his family.

The annual salary of Mark Zuckerberg is $1. He does not receive any annual bonus. He receives millions of dollars in other compensation. It is mainly related to security costs. SEC has published a document in the afternoon. Facebook said that Zuckerberg earned more than $22 million in other compensation in the year 2018. The amount was much higher than $9 million. This, he had earned in 2017. Almost $2.6 million of the figure in 2018 allotted for the personal travel of Zuckerberg on a private jet. Nearly $20 million out of that total amount goes towards his personal security.

Zuckerberg had received an award of $9,956,847. It was the income before tax for the year 2018. The amount was intended for all the security related to his personal travelling. The protection of his residence was also one of the reasons. Apart from these, the company even gave him a further pre-tax allowance of $10 million. It was meant for covering up the additional costs. Those costs were related to his as well the security of his family. The personal security program compensation was also provided to Sheryl Sandberg. She is the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. She had earned an amount of $3.8 million in other compensation. $2.9 million, out of the total amount was spent towards her personal security.

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