Skype Includes Screen Sharing Feature To Their Android And iOS Apps

Skype is getting their attention turned towards mobile. Their latest beta feature adds up screen sharing to their Android and iOS apps. It might not seem to be as significant as some of the recent iterations for Skype. The recent iterations include group calls for 50 people and background blur effect in video calls. Still, it provides workers as well as friends another reason to remain locked in the application.

Microsoft feels that people would use this feature of screen share to show even a colleague one’s presentation in PowerPoint. People could also swipe through Tinder with the help of a BFF. It also allows Skype to remain apart from their biggest rivals, including Messenger, Snapchat and WhatsApp. They all lack this particular feature. Their absence on larger platforms has let smaller applications, which offer mobile screen sharing similar to Squad, to fill up the spot that has remained vacant. Though there are a whole lot of other options available still there are none, which gets used widely like Skype. Plus, it allows people to make calls and moreover, the calls are absolutely free. In addition to this, the cross-platform feature of Skype clearly means that people would be able to share the screen with all those who use MacOS, Windows or iOS. Hence, this makes it even more relevant.

Now, before this feature became available on a widespread basis, it will only remain confined to one particular thing. The feature will only be available in the preview build of the app. One can easily try this one out in version Anyone can download this version from APK Mirror. This is indeed a shame that Google is still not allowing people to do that with Duo, especially when it is gaining a lot of popularity.

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