The Reason Why Panera is Redoing Breakfast

Panera is increasing their breakfast spread to have a piece of the market, which is constantly growing. In the recent few years, fast food, as well as casual restaurants, have managed to build their breakfast offerings. Now, they are coming up with really healthy menu items, to go with better coffee and technology. All these are designed to maximize their speed. Since the month of January, they have been upgrading their hot coffee stations with the help of new equipment to improve quality.

Now that better options for breakfast are available, Panera can become much more relevant to an increasing number of customers. If the company can make people come to their outlets right through the day, volume and growth would take care of themselves. The chain of fast-casuals makes most of its sales during the afternoon and evening. Over the last few years, they have started to chase the crowd for breakfast through coming up with new options and morning deliveries. As far as the Panera is concerned, their increase in the focus on breakfast is also a hint that during lunch, few of their stores would maximize the items.

The CEO of Panera Bread, Blaine Hurst said that their focus on breakfast is not just about any one item or category. For them, it is more about looking into the market and close the gap for guests. He said that Panera can help people solve the problem of making any compromises between convenience and quality as far as their breakfast is concerned. The company is also making things easy to re-order meals through its digital platforms. Panera Bread is also getting the new tap and go feature tested out in North Carolina. It allows customers to pay for self-served coffee by simply tapping a smart posted with their phones.

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