NASA Verifies The Trends For Global Warming Through Their Study

Researchers of NASA have conducted a new study, which has verified the accurate figures with respect to Global Warming. The team made use of measurements of the skin temperature of the Earth, which was taken by an infrared measurement system based on a satellite, known as AIRS from the year 2003 to 2017. They made a comparison of these with analysis based on station, regarding the anomalies with regard to the surface air temperature. The principal analysis carried out was the Goddard Institute for Space Studies Surface Temperature Analysis. What they found was a high level of consistency between the two sets of data over the last 15 years.

Lead author, Dr Joel Susskind while making a comment on the study said that the data from AIRS tend to complement GISTEMP. It is because they lie at a much higher spatial resolution compared to GISTEMP. Both sets of data clearly demonstrate that the earth’s surface has been suffering from global warming over this period of time. This has significance due to the intensity of interest in the detail as to how estimates regarding the change in global and regional temperature get constructed from the data regarding surface temperature. Plus, the manner in which the known imperfections in the raw data get handled. The data from AIRS tends to reflect skin temperature that exists at the surface of the ocean, land and the regions covered by snow or ice.

Dr Gavin Schmidt, the co-author from the Institute for Space Studies of NASA said that their findings clearly revealed that the data based on the surface might well underestimate the changes in temperature occurring in the Arctic. This goes to show, the warming that takes place at the poles might well be happening more swiftly than it was thought earlier.

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